The story

The story started a few years back about a dream to sail to places where planes and cars normally do not take you, and to be able to bring along all the fun toys to play in and on the water.

After searching various boatshows for the perfect monohull to take us sailing, we stumbled over the drawings of the new Outremer 45, at Boot in 2013.

After test sailing the big brother Outremer 5X, we thought the new 45 might be the one.

We then went to the boatshow in Cannes 2014, where the Outremer 45 had its premier, and we could not resist the boat so we signed the contract for Mais Uma, to be delivered a year later!  And Mais Uma has been meeting all our expectations so far.

Soo.....  Where does the name come from?

You Only Live Once

"MAIS UMA" means "one more" in Portuguese ... since we started out looking for a boat with 1 hull and ended up with 2 hulls, we figured out why not!  It also translates into, "one more" trip, "one more" experience, "one more" friendship, "one more" challenge, etc. We are sure that Mais Uma will bring us to a lot of new and exciting memories in the years to come.